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Alphabet in Graffiti Letters 2010

Alphabet in Graffiti Letters
Do you know the Alphabet in Graffiti Letters. Remember when we were in school this was the beginning of learning how to write words or sketch letters on paper to communicate. Art crimes is no different ladies and gentlemen.

The only slight difference is that we don't place the work on paper for the teachers to grade, we place the tags on subway trains or walls for entire cities or countries to see.

Yes! I said countries, especially places like Quebec Canada. You see bombing is not just centralized in the Bronx, New York anymore it's world wide thanks to digital cameras and the Internet.

I love the many different styles of of Graffiti. It all fits in the entire Hip Hop culture which I also love.

So who really knows how to tag your art, what I mean is is there a mentor or someone who is taking on students? Tagging is not just something you can go to the local library and read about and then hit up your local city walls tagging and bombing everything in site. I think there is some kind of street rule that goes along with this. think of this kind of street art as an underground gallery of extremely talented artist and undercover drawers.

Now with that being said the question is how can one become part of this elite movement moving all over the world with nap sacks and book bags filled with spray paint and many customized aerosol spray cans? Even though crews are well organized and make historical truths like the history of gangs they all seem to be non-violent. They only thing that can be considered bad is the art crime itself. But is that really bad. I don't think so. To me I actually would like to see some type of world contest or reality show on this type of art. Hell they have all kind of shows now on MTV, VH1 and BET, why not put together a show about some underground bombing and tagging. YEAH!

Wild style seems to be a favorite amongst most crews and to my understanding it is also the hardest to produce. Looking at this picture I agree.

Now I also want to say this. I have been to California plenty of times and this time while I was there I took a nice trip to Sonoma County to go and check out Petaluma. This is a crazy hot Graffiti restaurant. Yup! There are people out here who are doing big things regarding a tagger. Peep it out if you ever get a chance to hang out in Cali.

To sum this article up I will say that I totally respect the individuals who create murals on rough and rugged terrains like trains or walls. It doesn't matter if it's cold or hot they are dedicated to their craft and are out to handle that business. Go get ladies and gents.

Graffiti Alphabet Letters Are Two Versions Of Style

Graffiti sketches. Graffiti Alphabet Letters A-Z Are Two Versions Of Style

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Graffiti Alphabet Letters In Style And Color

Graffiti at the top can you save it as an example a street graffiti art. can also to write my name in graffiti on paper. Graffiti alphabet letters in style and color.

Senin, 27 September 2010

All Different Graffiti Alphabet Style 2010

Alphabet graffiti style among people with one another would never be the same, this is a good sign because in the absence of similar styles, it makes their work become more numerous and full of creations.

Share A Variety Of Styles Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Share a variety of styles graffiti alphabet letters a-z.

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Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Sketch Graffiti Alphabet by Nick

Graffiti sketch can also be used as a congratulatory birthday. Such as graffiti art on the paper above

Free Graffiti Alphabets 2010

Free Graffiti Alphabets 2010
Smoking is one kind of style in the making graffiti alphabet, the idea of making it more widely than other forms of style, freedom of expression also has a weakness that caused the absence of a professional in a field of work force, but with style graffiti alphabet Smoking remains an art that needs to be given a place in the graffiti art coloring.

Kamis, 23 September 2010

Graffiti Alphabet Letters A Through Z

graffiti alphabet letters a through z_01
graffiti alphabet letters a through z_02
graffiti alphabet letters a through z_03
Your existing image before this is graffiti art alphabet using the letters a through z, with a matching shape and coloration make this alphabet is extraordinarily beautiful, it will inspire every eye view of this artwork.

Graffiti Alphabet By Wak

alphabet Wak. Write my name in graffiti on paper.

Senin, 20 September 2010

Red and White Graffiti Alphabet | Graffiti Street Art

White-red graffiti on the wall alphabet streets. Continue to develop street graffiti art in order to continue to create more beautiful

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Graffiti Lettering Styles In Alphabet

graffiti lettering styles in alphabet
There are a number of graffiti-style letters in the alphabet, the article below covers the history of graffiti-style, as the writings are diverse and developed in the modern graffiti styles we know today ...

Graffiti: Styles of Graffiti writing

Graffiti art is the use of different styles of writing graffiti, graffiti, graffiti writing letters. Read on to learn more ...

Graffiti Writing Style

Graffiti is the name for the action letters scratched, scrawled, painted or with the text on each property. Although traditionally regarded as unsightly damage or unwanted vandalism, graffiti has elements of pop and even hip-hop culture and also has a role in political movements and some radical.

Graffiti: Styles of Graffiti writing

There are different types of graffiti letters, each with different characteristics. Below are some common and popular type of writing graffiti.

Graffiti Writing: Tags

tag is nothing but a signature of the artist. A tag is painted in the rule / in a single color, the contrast created with colored background. Graffiti artists often use the signature tags as a means to their work and leave a signature mark on or next to him. The ideas of the day was to see for the first time in Philadelphia, in which artists painted his tag and Bobby Beck In '59 on many highways that surround the city. Other popular tags are shown in New York City who read Taki 183rd Graffiti artist is gaining in popularity so much that has inspired antics of the media attention and lead to an increasing popularity of this trend.

Graffiti Writing: Throw-ups / Throwie

A-vomiting or Throwie, usually by the decomposition of a single-color and single-layer color of the filling done, but to. Bubble letters most common forms of the letters in graffiti style used. A-vomiting is usually the form of graffiti in a short period in an attempt to avoid the attention of the artist made. Throw-ups are often a means of competitors in terms of the number of artists battle instead of quality. Many graffiti artists have a manuscript of the throw-up as well.

Graffiti Writing: Piece

A short cut to work and usually a big graffiti painting. Pieces often incorporate the effects of the 3-D pair, arrows, gradients and many other interesting artistic effects. This section should be considered a form of graffiti and labor-intensive jobs, the most beautiful view of a graffiti artist, need more time to paint than with a Throwie.

Graffiti Writing: Giraffiti / Heaven Spots

The giraffiti modifications or patches patch of sky. There are only pieces that were painted in locations that are difficult to reach. Often the location of the sky or girrafiti in places such as rooftops and freeway signs of high it is difficult to remove graffiti can be seen. Hazardous Location of graffiti can also be for people who try to climb, and to remove graffiti that lead to death and thus can be dangerous to a "place of heaven."

Graffiti Writing: Content

This force is only made in relation to graffiti on a train, tram or bus. Graffiti trend in the 1970s in New York is one of the best known examples of this type of graffiti and vandalism is considered a major actions, the damage inside the subway.

Graffiti Writing: Scribe / Scratchitti

Scribes are Scratchitti or graffiti-style, by scratching or etching in the object tag created. Normally, the writer can with a key, knife, drill stone or ceramic. Scribe difficult to remove because it has a permanent scar on the surface.

These are some of the writing style of graffiti, which was used by some graffiti artists since the advent of graffiti.

By Uttara Manohar
Published: 06/05/2008

Graffiti Alphabet By YK South

street art by yk south. That the intent is yk south in the northern city of Yogyakarta. can tell where the tourist road along Parangtritis. If you Come to the island of Java to Yogyakarta because there where graffiti art Murals.

Kamis, 09 September 2010

Alphabet Graffiti Sketches With Blue Ink

Alphabet graffiti sketches with blue ink. You can start sketching with my name in graffiti writing. Graffiti fonts make a difference in a unique and interesting. Start and develop your own style of graffiti.

Graffiti Alphabet Two Blue-Green Color Combination

Graffiti alphabet two blue-green color combination. Graffiti Street Art